I’ll admit… when I first saw this, I had a bit of a giggling fit. A power operated bag? Come on! But, upon further inspection, I decided I quite liked it. I’ve been known to pack enough shoes for a small village when traveling, and there is nothing worse than trying to lug around a heavy suitcase after an exhausting flight. And apparently I’m not the only one who thinks that – The World’s First Hybrid PA Bag launched very successfully¬†at The Gadget Show Live at NEC in Birmingham UK and is currently sold out. Live Luggage is now taking orders for June delivery.

Live Luggage has led the way in power-assisted luggage, and the pioneering PA series suitcase employs a wide range of innovative features that make it feel almost weightless to users. The new Hybrid PA Bag offers all the same technology, but in a lighter and more flexible bag, enabling greater range and utility. This soft top powered version has been designed specifically as a lightweight, flexible solution for frequent travelers.

The Hybrid PA Bag includes a laptop case and overnight bag which can both be separately removed to suit the differing check-in requirements of the world’s airlines.

For more information please visit www.liveluggage.com

Ooh, and for added benefit: In association with partner White Star Cruises, any customer who purchases a Hybrid PA Bag from Live Luggage will be offered VIP membership to White Star Cruises and given a $150 on board credit voucher.