Summer travel is particularly hard on feet. Liberated of socks and the protection of boots, peds are front and center and therefore demand attention. Besides, most likely you packed a great pair of vacay sandals with high hopes of adventure. Do those sandals justice and assemble this survival “foot kit.” You’ll find yourself in good standing.

Ped Egg

My good pal gifted me with the PedEgg and – I must admit – I was skeptical as I peered at what reminded me of the goose egg-sized shells from the 70s that held supermarket pantyhose (maybe they’re still around?). The PedEgg, actually closer to the size of a duck egg, removes calluses, rough spots and dry skin for smooth civilized feet. It has more than 135 stainless steel precision micro-files that are not unlike a small cheese grater. The marketing materials claim it’s so gentle it “won’t even bust a balloon” (not put to the test by this writer). It fits into the palm of your hand and a storage compartment collects the shaving debris so you can use it anywhere with no mess. While I’m not recommending this sort of grooming should be done outside of the bathroom, this actually does give you some mobility. Note: held at a particular angle, the shavings do fall out. Measures 4″ L x 2 1/4″ W x 1 1/2″ D. Priced from 7-13 dollars at various retailers and online.

Paint & Peel Color Nail Polish by Sula

Summer begs for painted toes yet it’s a challenge to keep up polish over a several day trip, let alone a few weeks abroad. Paint & Peel takes half the hassle out of the equation by simplifying removal. This product requires no nail polish remover when the time comes to change your polish. Two coats are needed for complete coverage. Paint & Peel is a “Big 3-Free” formulation which means it is free from Formaldehyde, Toluene and Phthalates. It is also free of the remaining cancer-linked ingredients still found in standard polish. For longer wear, either apply a new coat of polish daily or use a base and topcoat (though may make it more difficult to remove). My color choice: Dove … a neutral gray/taupe color that will carry through fall. (Heavy on the bird references, I know.)

Cutex Nail Polish Remover Pads

While the aforementioned nail polish negates the need for this product, the Girl Scout in me always wants to be prepared. Tuck a few Cutex Nail Polish Remover Pads in your nail kit for good measure. Individually wrapped pads soaked in nail polish remover get the job done and there is no danger of spillage (disastrous considering the strong chemicals). One pad removes nail polish for ten nails.

Shea It Isn’t So Foot Cream

Scaly and chalky looking heels will detract from all the hard work you’ve devoted thus far. Shea it isn’t so has the trifecta of ingredients: shea butter to moisturize; avocado oil to condition; and eucalyptus extract to refresh and cool. Apply after bathing or at night, before bed.  Feet will not only look but also feel better.

Also in my travel kit:

Washcloth. I wash my feet nightly after a day of open shoe walking and nothing does the job better than a washcloth. Interestingly, my international travel often takes me to Italy and I find washcloths are seldom available. The washcloth not only removes dirt but also exfoliates which is the perfect preparation for realizing maximum benefits from a moisturizer.

Emery Boards.
Perhaps an obvious but I always bring several. Indispensable for maintaining nail shape and smoothing out breaks and peels.

Make your feet your friend.  ~J.M. Barrie