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April 28th, 2009
The Hotel Monaco Portland: An Eco-Friendly Place to Stay

The Hotel Monaco Portland is one of only two downtown Portland hotels, the other being its sister property the Hotel Vintage Plaza, that have qualified for the City of Portland’s Recycle at Work Business Recycling Certification. Businesses are required to recycle 50 percent of their waste in the City of Portland. However, businesses who go beyond by joining Recycle at Work are recognized for their accomplishments.?? And as part of Kimpton EarthCare’s nationally recognized eco-program, the Hotel Monaco Portland has committed to recycling all paper, newspaper, glass, cardboard and compost.??

Here are just some of the ings that make the Hotel Monaco earth-friendly…

Cleaning Supplies: All rooms cleaned with environmentally friendly cleaning products.
Soy Inks: All corporate collateral is printed on recycled paper using soy-based ink.
Recycled Paper: Property wide printing on recycled paper.
Organic Beverages: All complimentary lobby coffee is organic. They also encourage the use of coffee mugs during morning coffee service, discourage paper cups (but are available).
Towel/Linen Reuse: Guests have the opportunity to do their part to reduce energy, water and detergents required for daily washings.
Recycling: Back of house recycling programs addressing gass, bottles, paper, cardboard, etc. They have also replaced paper products with washable dishware for all internal meetings and events.
Energy Conservation: Back of house lighting retrofitted and audited to ensure energy efficient bulbs are in place.
Water Conservation: Implementation and auditing of low flow systems for faucets, toilets, and showers.

The Hotel even offers a “Carless Vacation” package that promotes reducing emissions by using public transportation.

Along with being earth-friendly the hotel is also pet-friendly. Pet services include a ‘pet-kit’ with bowls/mats, dog bed, and a dispose-a-scoop. They even offer pet massage, psychic readings, or walking services. For more information or to book a room for you and Fido, visit: http://www.monaco-portland.com/

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