FLY SOLO, teresa R williamsonThree years of building a company, a decade of traveling solo, two years of rewriting book after book, an endless stream of tears and hours of laughing have been condensed into 336 pages. In some ways, my book reminds me of a gravestone – there it is, all that I am, all that is passionate to me condensed into a small square.

Okay, that might have sounded morbid, but that was not my intention. It is amazing seeing all my hard work come together in such a small space. I am so excited that the book is written and now I get to do all the fun stuff, like plan my press parties, book signings, and see my face in the pages of numerous magazines and newspapers.

You can buy my book now, and because I am the author, I get to give out copies before the book hits the shelves! Unfortunately, you won’t get your book before January 10th, but that is a month sooner than Barnes and Noble! And, I’ll even sign it for you!

*A galley is the rough copy of a book. It is now typeset, but the editors at Penguin are still working diligently to make sure all my information is as correct as possible.

Buy yours FLY SOLO copy here.