Howdy Divas! I’ve taken a quick trip to Dallas to appear on FOX 4 – Good Day morning show. I am staying at the Hotel Adolphus in downtown Dallas. It was founded at the turn of the century by the one and only Adolphus Busch, yes, the King of Beers.

I am not a beer drinker, but I sure did enjoy my time at this hotel. Everyone was so darn nice. The hotel has hosted everyone from the Queen of England to Mary Kay. It has a rich history and the rooms are roomy – which I love.

Teresa Rodriguez Williamson Adolphus Hotel Tango Diva The French RoomThe hotel also boasts the number-one hotel restaurant in the United Stated. I did not eat there, but if reviews are right, I should have. I met the chef Marcos Segovia. He was a doll and one of these days I’ve got to come back and chow down on some champagne and caviar.

myfox_logo_1005.gifThis morning’s segment on FOX went great. You can watch it here, if you wish. I talk about how to pack, and I use Saffron Rare Threads as my packing wardrobe. I am also wearing Saffron during the segment. I just love their stuff, it fits me so well and it is very forgiving–both on my body and while in transit. Sometimes clothes come out looking like potatoe chips, but Saffron always holds its shape no matter how long it has been stuffed in my suitcase.