Hi again, we’re back! -Jordie and Redsie here. So sorry that on our last blog the letters came out in all crazy sizes. We-be NEW bloggers and we still have a few "issues" to resolve. emoticon

Cirque was TOTALLY AMAZING! http://www.pspavilion.com/site0806/index.shtml The international cast, or as they are referred to in the playbill, "The Dreamers transforming images from the depths of my imagination" were beyond our wildest dreams! Our fav’s were the Gumby-like contortionists whose inside-out pretzel moves had us "owwwwwwing" in pain! The whimsical jelly-belly colored costumes ranged from gygundous M&M human slinkys to "upside-down-which-end-is-up” whatchamacallits.

Golden StudsA coating of gold paint was all the STRONG men needed to show off their muscular moves. After watching this mesmerizing show our own dreams pale in comparision.

Copleys RestaurantOur growling tummies quickly brought us back to earth but we still wanted to keep the dream alive. We were so glad that Redsie had made us reservations at Copleys of Palm Springs, http://palmsprings.com/dine/copleys/index.html which in another lifetime had been Cary Grant’s estate (we had rented the movie "Charade" to watch later so I’d know who the heck he even was but we never had time to watch it – too bad!) The food was absolutely deeeeeeeeeeelish! We decided that Chef/Owner Andrew Copley deserved a gold medal for the World’s best Caesar salad for adding smoked apple bacon and pineapple croutons to the mix. We weren’t even embarrassed when the next table stopped eating to watch us fork fight over the last bite of the heavenly lobster mash potatoes that sided the char-grilled beef fillet (like buttah). The hot apple crumble with vanillay home-made ice cream elicited oooooohs and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhs like we were still back at Cirque.


TramOur own journey continued the next day with the “The Greatest Show on Cable” as we boarded the Palm Springs Aerial Tramways http://www.pstramway.com/– from the desert floor to the top of the mountain in only 10 minutes.

This was better than any Disney ride because the special effects were real. We did two complete rotations (mom didn’t even puke) scaling up the side of the mountain through five ecosystems and arrived to a 30 degree colder wilderness.

We managed to get lost at least three times on our self guided hike. We stumbled on and off the trail, hollering out our discoveries: “Check this out. Don’t those tangled tree branches look just like Redsies’ hair in the morning?” Mom constantly kept nagging us not to get too close to the steep edges because if “we fall over she wasn’t coming to rescue us“. Then we happened upon the Jeffrey Pine tree, “Jeff”, who came with instructions to ‘smell him’…and he did smell just like a butterscotch sundae as described. We all cracked up as we sang the “Night at the Roxbury theme song” inviting our fellow hikers to hum along and soon the whole mountain was feeling the techno vibe.