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November 27th, 2006
Layover massage in Las Vegas!

While waiting on standby in LAX last nite I learned that one can get a massage at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas! WOW. This is good info to know. Further reading led me to the fact that they have the first gym facility of its kind in a major airport. 24 Hour Fitness -with steam rooms, saunas, workout equipment, lockers and showers! Located on the Esplanade in Terminal 1 level 2- before going to any gates. 24 hours, Monday – Thursday 12 a.m. – 11 p.m., Friday 6 a.m. – 9 a.m., Saturday & Sunday

If anyone has been to it- please share your experience.

I am guessing 24 Hour Fitness members have already known this wonderful tidbit for sometime. They sell a range of day use packages that range from $15 and up with towels and workout wear if you need it.

 24 hour fitness website has a free 10 day pass offer to check out

One thought on “Layover massage in Las Vegas!

  1. New spa at SFO! If anyone sees any promotional offers withthe grand opening – so share!!

    “XpresSpa announces the opening of its second spa at SFO, located in Terminal 3, joining XpresSpa’s location at Gateway G. “We are simply responding to the needs of airline travelers who are both physically and mentally exhausted by the demands of airline travel today. Consumers have loved our product and airports have responded by awarding XpresSpa expanded facilities and more locations,” said Marisol Binn, President and co-founder of XpresSpa.

    Providing services that reduce and eliminate pre-flight tension and anxiety, XpresSpa is the answer to frustration caused by long lines, intrusive security check points, delayed flights, inclement weather, cancellations, over-bookings and Homeland Security regulations.

    XpresSpa currently operates 16 luxury full-service spas in airports around the country, Mexico and Europe — with 16 more in development and construction. For a list of locations, please visit http://www.XpresSpa.com. XpresSpa is open 365 days a year, 16 hours a day.

    Some expansion plans include two spas at John F. Kennedy International Airport (April 2008) two spas at New York LaGuardia International Airport (May/June 2008), two spas at Boston Logan International Airport (May 2008) and one spa at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport (May 2008).”

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