Vivienne Westwood Teresa Rodriguez Williamson Tango Diva


Bravo! The incredible De Young museum has outdone itself with the latest exhibition of masterpieces by Vivienne Westwood. Oh, it was such a fabulous scene – everyone who was anyone in San Francisco’s fashion world was invited to spend the afternoon with the Dame of Design. We mingled and snacked on English treats, glance about to see what everyone was wearing, and snap photos of Vivienne speaking candidly to us about her political views and how it all relates to fashion. “Without justice there is no culture, without culture there is no inspiration, without inspiration, there in no fashion!”

How true, yet tragic her words were.

I asked her a question about what places inspire her to design and create expecting an answer as deep as her blue eyes, but I was surprised when she told me that her inspiration come from her head and home. As a matter of fact, she is a bit of a home body.

We toured her collection with an endless assortment of creations dating back to the seventies. And at each decade, she would stop and fondly speak about the collection we were looking at.  From sexy post-punk pageboy outfits to over-the-top, opulent sequenced gowns, nothing was too much for Vivienne.

Now in her sixties, there is no sign of her slowing down. Thank goodness, because we all need a bit of Vivienne vitality to keep us on our toes.