Tango Diva with Abigail Traffordimages-1.jpegI spent a wonderful afternoon with one of my mentor from Stanford University, Sharon Bower. She is the author of two books that really helped my career: Asserting Yourself and Painless Public Speaking. She was hosting a cozy lunch at her home for Abigail Trafford. If the name sounds familiar – it should. She is the acclaimed columnist at the Washington Post and author of Crazy Time and My Time. Crazy Time is about getting through the crazy time of divorce and My Time is about life after 50. Both speak of ending up alone and being okay with it.

That is one of the struggles of traveling solo. The fear of being by yourself and lonely. But in her books, she not only questions this TIME, but also the underlying stigmas that have been created by our society.

Before lunch, we heard her speak at Stanford and even though the demographic she is speaking to is primarily over 50, what she has to say is profound for any age. Basically, life keeps rolling – with or without you – so why not get on board and have a ball!

What a special afternoon, with some extraordinary women. I left the lunch inspired and looking forward to MY TIME.