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November 30th, 2006
The Prima Diva in the Chronicle

Teresa R Williamson SF Chronicle Okay, so I am not big at promoting myself, but my favorite newspaper did a feature story on me and it is quite impressive. I guess, when you are doing what you love, you forget about all lives you influence.

All the Nobel Peace Prize Winner say the same thing, “I was just doing what I love, which was helping other see what they are capable of.” I hope that I can help YOU see what YOU are capable of. And what YOU are capable of doing is AMAZING. Gosh, I did, so can YOU!


Please send me you success stories….


Here is the proof you can do it too!

One thought on “The Prima Diva in the Chronicle

  1. Reading your feature made me so homesick! You’ve picked out some of my favorite places, and definitely some new ones that I want to try when I get back. Travelling is amazing, but the Bay Area really is the best place on Earth! A big prosecco “cheers!” to you. :)

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