Name: Scott Youkilis
Age: 31
Hometown: San Francisco
Occupation: Chef and Restaurant Owner
Status: Taken

Where do you like to flirt?

At the restaurant, Maverick, in San Francisco. Charm is the key to success in the restaurant biz.


3316 17th Street


2. What are your favorite places to eat and drink?

Eliza’s for Chinese, Pancho Villa for burritos, Little Star for pizza, Delfina on a date with my wife, “The Nizzy” for sushi

3. Where should we stay when we visit?

Not at my house, stay at Hotel Adagio. Biggest rooms with great rates. Oh yeah, and one of the best hotel restaurants for dinner just happens to be there, Cortez.

4. What qualities do you find irresistible in a woman?

Smiles and personality.

5. Where can we find you on a free Sunday afternoon?

On my sofa. Before I opened the restaurant it was on the slopes in Tahoe. Unfortunately I have no free Sundays anymore.

6. What do you love most about your hometown (besides our arrival)?

I have lived in San Francisco for seven years and the climate is better than my hometown of Cincinnati, but the food and wine kill everything else.

7. What should we bring when we visit? What should we leave with?

Bring a sweater and jeans. Leave with a better attitude towards life.

8. What do we absolutely have to see while we’re there?

The sunset from the cliffs above the Sutro Baths. A baseball game at AT&T park is really fun too.

9. Any areas of town we should avoid?

Nah. It’s all good!

10. Any local secrets you want to share?

Yeah right!!