VIVA TANGO DIVA! We have reached an important number today – we have over 5,000 registered Divas around the world. Yes, 5,000 members who you can connect and share your travel stories with.

5,000 members who travel like you
5,000 members who want to know about you
5,000 members who want to share their travel advice with you
5,000 members who, like you, love the world and love meeting new friends
5,000 members who can all be found here, in MY TANGO section

Take some time today to connect with at least 5 members, and watch as your 5 new friends introduce you to 5 more. Before you know it, you’ll have a world-wide network of friends, and the whole world to discover and share through Tango Diva.

At Tango Diva, we are starting a revolution of sorts. We don’t want to be a part of the machine that turns out useless content and impersonal connections. We want information from people like you. People who enjoy traveling, have a sense of style, and are not afraid to jump head first into life!

We want to change the way the travel industry talks to us, we want to improve worldwide communication with other like-minded individuals, and we want to hear you!

So, VIVA TANGO DIVA, and let us know what YOU are thinking.

Viva Tango Diva che travel

This fantastic illustration was created my Holly Houk, you will read more about her in the coming weeks, but for now, visit her website HERE.