He meditates, he is a karate master, he is an author, a cancer survivor, and one of America top marketing and sales pros. The only problem is, Divas, he’s married. But we will forgive him for that since he took the time to
share some pretty powerful advice with us.

Chet has more than 60 of the Fortune 500’s as clients and we wonder without him, would they even be on the 500 list? Besides being a great guy, he is the author of the upcoming book, “The Ultimate Sales Machine” (Penguin, 2007).

Chet is all about empowering others and he thrives on impacting the masses
in a positive way. He can write, he can kick a piece of wood in two, and he
is also a father and husband, which he is says is, “my best accomplishment.”

Once in a while, we meet those amazing people that you wonder how they did
it all. And Chet is one of these extraordinary souls. When he turned 40, he
was diagnosed with cancer. After his surgery, where they cut him open from
his chest to below his belly button, he realized that life was precious, and
it was time to follow his dream of becoming a screenwriter and author. With
only a dream and a his steadfast determination, he wrote a screenplay and
sold it to Warner Brothers.

How does he do it all? Well, us Tango Divas had a chance to chat with him
and ask him some very important questions. And, like a true gentleman, he
found the time for us.

How did you get into this amazing big life of yours?

I wanted to make movies since I was 19 years. I worked for some big hitters
and made them a lot of money. Then, I started consulting for million dollar
fees. The money was rolling in, but I was crazy busy. Then, on my 40th
birthday, I was not feeling well. I went to my doctor’s office and I got the
news. I had colon cancer. I was cut open from my chest down my belly. That
was it. I sold all my companies and decided to follow my dream of writing a
screenplay and a book.

Do you have advice for our Divas who want to write the next great American
novel or screenplay?

My secret is to take the time every week to until you succeed. Devote an
hour a week (or however much time you want) ­ NO MATTER WHAT. I would not
speak to anyone during that dedicated time. And slowly, but surely I
finished and sold my screenplays and book.

Where do a very successful businessman and family man go on vacation?

When I am on vacation, I am ON VACATION. I came from a blue-collar family
where my dad worked through his vacations. My family never took a vacation.
Now, when I go on vacation ­ I go on vacation, I want to be in Maui or St
Martin taking a cruise.

Cruises are great; I went on my first one 2 years ago. When you are on a
cruise you are going to meet other people and it a fun, social environment.
You end up with a great group of friends after the trip. Plus, every day you
wake up at a different city. You get to see a lot of places without having
to pack and unpack. My all-time favorite is the Owner’s Suite on the
Seadream Yacht Cruise which is organized by Make a Change personal discovery journeys. The great thing with that suite, you can dine any
time. Sea Dream – $2,200 a night.

I work every day a week, 11 hours a day. So, when I go on vacation, I am ON.

We Divas would like to know: What quality do you find irresistible in a

I am happily married and I really would not want to be single, the grass is
never greener. But, there are some qualities that I really admire in women.
Openness and approachability are key. I respect and enjoy women that are not
cynical about life, you know, women who don’t have that, “life has beaten me
down” attitude. What makes any woman attractive is great energy. And I
really admire women who are smart, fun and who really love life. It’s hard
to find especially when you get older ­ women have gone through a lot ­ and
it is hard find a woman who is not cynical or guarded.

(Hear that Divas? Leave that baggage in the past!)

Where’s your favorite table for two?

Seafood Peddler in San Rafael, best swordfish you’ll ever taste in the
world. I also really like Wildfox in Marin.
Where can we find you on a free Sunday afternoon?
On our boat in lake Sonoma. We go up and live on the boat during the summer.
That is why a work so hard during the rest of the year.

What do you love most about your city?

The weather! It is the 4th most perfect climate in world.

Now, Tango Diva members have a rare opportunity to work with Chet and learn
the skills that have made him a millionaire. To learn more go to: www.masteryoursales.com (but you will have a link that takes them there, this is how can track who came from your site, so just say click here)

More Praises About Chet:

As Chet says, “Becoming a master is not about doing 4000 different things;
it’s about doing 12 things, 4000 times each.” A strategic sharp shooter,
Chet consistently catapults his clients beyond the competition. “When you
see how methodical Chet’s approach is, you understand instantly how he can
assure dramatic sales increases. Chet is a very brilliant man in his
discipline.” Jay Abraham, one of Fortune Magazine’s top five business
growth gurus.

Chet is also noted by Jay Levinson (famed author of Guerrilla Marketing, and
28 other best selling books) as “perhaps one of the most prolific creative
machines of our time ”