Ugly Holiday Sweater filled with Santas from Haight St Store

I am not sure when this tradition began, but there is an abundance of “ugly” holiday sweaters out there. I’m not talking about the brand new Macy’s sweaters men show up wearing to work the day after Christmas. There aren’t parties for that. The Christians have had a jump on this craze since the days of fruit cake. Recently I have noticed a growing inventory of “ugly” Hanukkah sweaters.
(Hanukkah, Chanukkah, Hanukkah, Chanukah, whatever).

Last year on Kickstarter I discovered Geltfiend Chanukah Sweaters! by Carin Agiman. She does a lovely retro twist in her designs.

In 2013 the eight days of Chanukkah rolled out during Thanksgiving. Apparently the next time this will happen is 70,000 years away. To commemorate this rarity an “ugly in the eye of the beholder” Chanukah statement sweater is in order. Wear proudly to educate the world that your people have something to celebrate too, yes you store clerk, store music, bell ringing tinsel fling-ers.


A couple of hours on Amazon and success, thanks to the amazingly prolific Tipsy Elves.
zazzle hanukkah shirt Although the Elves are working for Santa, one of them must be Jewish. I had a hard time deciding which creation would compete the best with Christmas for attention.

To quote Philip Sidney, “Either I will find a way, or I will make one.” I think he was talking about the D.I.Y. movement. Budget wise folks can make their own shirts with companies like Zazzle, which sell customizable t-shirts.
Next year I plan to bedazzle the menorah lights. Suddenly strangers on the street are wishing me happy Hanuka. Mission accomplished.