IMG_3977Yes, the holidays are upon us and it’s getting hectic out there. So, instead of trying to get on a last minute flight or get caught in traffic, why not just stay home and enjoy some peace? Of course, if your house is like most of us, it’s doesn’t look anything like a relaxing 5-star resort on some tropical island.

Well, we had a chance to chat with Sophie Azouaou, the President of SophiSticate Interiors, an Interior Designer, a national Green Living Keynote Speaker and Media representative. She shared with us some tips on how to turn a room or even your home into the perfect place for a warm and welcoming ‘staycation’ destination.

 Indeed, change starts at home. So, Sophie recommends that you first remove the clutter. “One of the best ways to get ready for the new year is to de-clutter. Clean and organized rooms will bring good Karma. Clutter can control and depress you,” shares Sophie. “Most of us when we think of a vacation we think of beautiful white sand and deep blue seaSo why not create a blissful sanctuary and do it the green and healthy way?” she adds.

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Sophie’s tips:

Decide on the color palette: A soft blue, green and white is usually the favorite.

1. Paint: It can be the least expensive thing to do and it’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do! The room will be transformed. Select a pale blue-green color to remind you of the sea. Make sure you select a paint that is low VOC. (Less toxic gas emission).

2. Add chemical free and organic beeswax candles. Set them in groups of 3 to 5.

3. Fill a few glass bowls with sand and add a few seashells on top. Place in your bathroom and the room you wish to decorate. (You can find sand at Bed and Bath and Beyond, Z Gallery, and Restoration Hardware)

3. Buy new bath and towels to match the colors of your walls. 

4. Change the placemats on your dining or kitchen table and opt for some casual ones with a sea theme. A solid soft green color will do too. (Bamboo or linen are best.)

4. Select a piece of art or two with a sea theme. (You can find some fun inexpensive pieces at Bed and Bath and Beyond)

5. Get some accent pillows in white and soft green and place on bed, sofa or floor.

6. Dress you windows with side curtain panels in the color palette you selected. These are fairly easy to make.

7. Get a soft chenille green or blue blanket or throw and place on the bed or sofa.

8. Fill vases with fresh white orchids.

9. Get 1 or 2 white baskets and fill them with your favorite vacation magazine and books. Place on night stand or floor.

“These are just a few ideas. For the rest, close your eyes and let your imagination lead the way,” ends Sophie.

Now that you are ready, make my favorite organic tropical drink. 

 Select some fun island music or tranquil tunes and enjoy!

Sophie can be reached at: sophie(at)

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About Sophie Azouaou:  

Sophie is the founder of healthy living media platform Step Into My Green World. She is the Creator of the “High Rise Design Concept” and a Green Living Specialist. She is a proud member of Global Green USA and the Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC). Sophie won the “Best of 2012” Houzz Award for her Green remodeling designs. She was chosen by more than 1.2 million registered members of the Houzz community. 

Her firm has broken new ground in the Interior Design industry by leveraging Interior Design to improve the lives of San Francisco’s less fortunate. Since being awarded a City Proclamation for her efforts by San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and the press that followed, Sophie has been called upon by many non-profits, Green and eco-friendly companies to represent them and spread their mission. A Green columnist and award-winner for National publication the Examiner, she is also the contributing editor for various media such as San Francisco Luxury Living, 7×7 magazine, Jetse tExtra, and more. Sophie also serves on The San Francisco Mayor’s advisory Media Board. Sophie has been featured on ABC7, NBC, CBS 5, Extra TV, Current TV, California Home and Design, 7×7 magazine, San Francisco Chronicle and much more.

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