The sun breaks through the clouds, the Caribbean breeze wakes me up gently, and I know that this is the DAY to have fun, drink rum, and play with the locals. Oh, and forget my problems. :)

We take a tour of the batik factory (boring) followed by a hike up to Brimstone Hill. Both of the stops are beautiful, but if you are not interested in learning about the history of St. Kitts, you might want to not take the half-day trip.

After the tour, we have lunch at the golf course on the Marriott property. If you are into golf, you’ll love the seaside course. They have a hole on the Atlantic ocean and the Caribbean sea – how about that! We hang out with the two golf pros there and then head back to the hotel for a quick shower and change.

It is 3:00 pm and we have not had a drink yet (that is a criminal in the Caribbean!) so we are all excited to get on the catamaran sunset cruise. Really, this was the most fun I have had since college. I don’t remember the last time I laughed and danced so much. When you are in St. Kitts, this is a MUST.