The three of us sit together, waiting to exhale. Each of us Divas has a tale about what brought us on this trip to the Marriott resort in St. Kitts, a small island in the Caribbean. And alone, our journey would be tough, but together we look forward about forgetting the last two weeks of our private lives and partying like rock stars.

I’m traveling to St. Kitts with Lisa and April who are Divas from New York. On the flight from Miami to St. Kitts, the flight attendant hears bits and pieces of our personal stories and he brings over SKYY vodkas and Bloody Mary mix. He just gives us a big smile and says, “I think you girls need a drink – at least one drink!” 12 small bottles of SKYY vodka later, we land in St. Kitts.

We arrive in St. Kitts at 3:30 pm. It has been a long flight for me because I left the night before on a red-eye to Miami from SFO. But right now, i want to be as far away from my real life as possible, so the flight was just a reminder that I am truly far away. April organized a limo ride to the Marriott’s St. Kitts Resort, we are all enjoying a buzz and the Caribbean breeze feels like heaven on my skin. I am so happy to be out of cold San Francisco.

After a quick trip to the Marriott to drop off our luggage, we take a drive around the island. St. Kitts is a volcanic island with one not-so-active volcano and the island floats between the Atlantic and Caribbean Sea.

We have a great big dinner at Royal Grille which is at the hotel, and is rated the top steak place on the island. I have not eaten steak since my detox last summer, so at first I am a bit worried about eating red meat – but I get over it and we all enjoy a kick-ass steak dinner with a fine bottle of Pinot Noir. After dinner we head to the lobby and finish the night off with a rum cocktail and a few reggae songs.

Marriott’s St. Kitts Resort & Royal Beach Casino
* 858 Frigate Bay Road
* Frigate Bay, Saint Kitts and Nevis
* Phone: 1 869 466 1200