Jen and James picked me up at my hotel, the La Tremoille. Which is a must for the solo Diva who wants to spoil herself rotten! Jen told us about this man Jim, an expat from Louisiana who had been living in Paris for 27 years. For the past few years, he’s been serving a home-cooked meal to Anglo expats and visitors who long for some English conversation in a smoke-free environment. The fee is 25 euros, that included wine. We would be dining with Jim, and tonight’s theme was Thanksgiving.

A few Metro stops later, we showed up at Jim’s place that was packed with friendly, English speaking guest. It was a blast! I met two girls from the same small town I first lived in Australia. The town is called Warnambool and it is out in the middle of nowhere. We chatted about the old haunts and crazy people that live there.

Jim serves dinner every Sunday night, so if you’re in Paris and want to meet a few fun people (yes there was a number of odd ducks there, but that’s to be expected) give Jim a call on Friday to reserve your dinner on Sunday night.

Jim HaynesAtelier A-2 – 83 rue de la Tombe Issoire

Paris 75014Tel: 01 4327 1767