Milbar Laboratories presented their scientists with a unique challenge – to create, without limitation, the most efficacious and luxurious, no-expense-spared, anti-aging formulations. Thus, M LAB was born.

Originally launched at London’s famous Harrods in the prestigious White Hall, M LAB consists of unprecedented levels of clinically active ingredients, ranging from 45% to 74%. Average luxury cosmeceuticals may contain 10 – 20% clinically active ingredients, making M LAB the most powerfully corrective and effective skincare line. These active ingredients are combined in a matrix formula that targets all visible signs of skin aging, resulting in skin firming, the reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improved clarity, color and texture of skin, and noticeably younger looking skin.

The sleek M LAB collection comes in shiny, mod black bottles and jars with white labels; a line so sophisticated and chic, you won’t want to hide it in your medicine cabinet:

Created to target every visual sign of the aging process, the M LAB line includes treatment creams, serums and sunscreens to combat the effects of aging as well as cleansers and toners to soothe and calm the skin. M LAB harnesses the power of active ingredients like peptides, antioxidants, and plant extracts to purify skin and turn back the clock.

M LAB travel collection
A perfect companion for travel or a great way to get started with this extraordinary range of products.
Contains: anti-aging cleanser (50ml), anti-aging toner (50ml), anti-aging treatment cream (15 ml), anti-aging treatment serum (5 ml) anti-aging day treatment spf 15 (15ml), and anti-aging eye cream (3ml), all for $130 – talking heaven!

M LAB anti-aging treatment cream
Formulated with 68% clinically active ingredients. 2.4 oz jar, $260

M LAB anti-aging cleanser
Formulated with 45% clinically active ingredients. 6 oz bottle, $60

M LAB anti-aging toner
Formulated with 62% clinically active ingredients. 6 oz bottle, $60

M LAB anti-aging treatment serum
Formulated with 74% clinically active ingredients. 1 oz bottle, $275

M LAB anti-aging day treatment SPF 15
Formulated with 65% clinically active ingredients. 2 oz bottle, $125

M LAB anti-aging eye cream
Formulated with 59% clinically active ingredients. 0.5 oz jar, $170

M LAB body treatment cream
Formulated with 55% clinically active ingredients. 6.7 oz jar, $185

Dermatologically is allergy-free and irritation-free, suitable for all skin types.
Available exclusively at and Harrods London.