Say I love you to the moon and back this holiday season.

Moon Juice, a LA-based holistic wellness brand, makes it easy with a just a sprinkle of their miracle moon dust.

The Moon Juice Moon Dust Sachet Sampler is a standout for the season, magically working to elevate you nd your loved one’s overall well-being – mind, body and spirit.

The packaging is comically creative with eye-catching script and starry accents. Sachets are individually packaged like tea bags in a small paper box.

The sampler is lightweight and portable enough to pack in a carry-on for holiday travel or gift as a stocking-stuffer surprise.


Share one or all for a truly celestial celebration.

Each sachet elixir is powerfully potent with a unique natural formula that matches its label – Beauty, Spirit, Sex, Brain, Dream and Power.

So eclectic and fun… that I could not resist giving away a sex dust sachet to a good friend on her wedding day to help ensure a happy and amorous honeymoon.

Think herbal supplemental smoothie powder but on a smaller customized scale. Mix each moon dust potion with juice, milk or a warm cup of tea to balance mood or boost energy.

The botanical blends were created by chef and food maven, Amanda Chantal Bacon, to heal and help the body to adapt to physical, mental and environmental stress.

Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow applaud the “cosmic herbal concoctions that do everything from stimulating brain function to improving your sex life”.

There is no real mystery behind the force that has fueled the success of the brand.

Founder, Amanda Chantal Bacon’s commitment to educating consumers and bringing the only best to market propelled her and the company into the limelight. She is respected as an innovator/entrepreneur by the wellness community.

Much of Amanda’s alchemy is rooted in Chinese and Ayurveda medicine and is driven by the proven benefits of a healthy harmonious lifestyle.

Moon Juice inspires us to seek balance and solace in nature.

We are reminded that health and happiness can only be achieved by mind fully nourishing the body and the soul.

Suggested Retail Price: $30

Boxed collection of 12 individual sachets (2 of each custom blend)


Includes”A Cosmic Cooklet”, a mini booklet with recipes for stellar tasty treats like Dark Moon Dust Bark and Moon Dusted Maple Pancakes.


California Divas will be delighted that Moon Juice has three West Coast retail shops, all in the Los Angeles area. The Rose Avenue location in Venice Beach, the Silver Lake store and the newest addition, Melrose Place.

To shop and learn more about the Moon Juice story and product line, visit Moon Juice online.

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