For those of you who have experienced the first snow of Old Man Winter, my sincere condolences.

But do not dismay, I have found a fun and daring diversion offering a colorful way to cheer you up!

Instead of “Pin the Donkey” try “Paint the Lady”.

Keep them all guessing with the 5 Minute “Tanning” Mousse by Fake Bake.

“Simply apply, dry, dress and go!”

The “color lock-down” formula is lightweight and streak-free.

Strategic application is said to be the key to a flawless look.

Instructions are simple and straightforward.

Always apply in sections.

Start with the feet and move up the body. Enlist the help of a friend or partner for hard to reach places like the back and sides. To keep the fake tan looking fabulous, remember to take cool showers only and pat dry. Never Rub!

There are lots of mixed reviews on the product as it relates to the intensity of the tan and streaking.

I am fair-skinned so anything darker than white almond gives me a sun-kissed glow. And, in terms of avoiding a messy mishap, I tend to be conservative and careful. I recommend testing products. I wear an old t-shirt during the first trial application.

Dollar for dollar, Fake Bake wins hands down. A “Ready to Wear” tan for $29 – or less during the season’s many cyber sales – is definitely within my holiday budget!

For those who prefer a gradual tan via a skin enhancing lotion, be sure to check out Fake Bake’s AMPLIFLY.

The formula features a color boosting combination of tanning and natural plant-based agents that stimulate your skin’s melanin production.

Suggested Retail: $24

For information on the full product line, visit the official FAKE BAKE website.