Icelandair Tango DivaChicks who fly rock! And I am about to board an Icelandair plane that is being flown by a woman. She is the pilot, her husband is the co-pilot and her two kids are also on the flight.

Icelandair is a great way to fly to Europe. I am leaving from SFO, but they also fly from NY, FL, and DC. What is so great is that you first fly into Reykjavik, where you have the option of staying for a few days, and then flying onto a bevy of destinations in Europe including London, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Berlin, Madrid, and Barcelona – to name a few. For a full list click here.

There’s just one problem with flying from SFO to Europe on Icelandair – flights are only during the summer months. So, alas, I am on the final return flight from Stockholm to SFO for the season.

I love airports! They represent possibilities. You show up and there is an endless list of places you can go – that is really cool! Watch my video at SFO before my departure.