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January 30th, 2009
Galway, Ireland : what & where to dine & play?

One of our DIVAs is heading to Galway and wants advice for Summer ’09!

“I’m visiting family in Ireland this summer. I’ve been many, many times over the years but always directly to Grandma’s house (do not pass Go). I’ve heard that the dining around County Galway, Ireland is amazing but grandma would never hear of us eating out. I’m thinking I might break that tradition this time. Anyone have any experience in or around Galway with restaurants? – Michelle

So share your brilliant experiences!

3 thoughts on “Galway, Ireland : what & where to dine & play?

  1. Hi, I recently returned from a foodie frenzy trip to ireland and went on the BEST culinary walk in Dublin. These women know EVERYTHING about Irish food and restaurants and also do tours in Galway. Check out my story and click on the tour company for info.
    Dining Diva Janice


  2. One wonderful suggestion for dining in Galway is Eyre House / Park House Restaurant. It’s located on Forster Street in the heart of Galway. The restaurant is located near the railway and bus station near the heart of the city. The food and service are excellent. Drimcong House, located on the Oughterard road is one of the best restaurants in Western Ireland. It’s a converted 17th century mansion and the 3 large fireplaces, left from it’s days of former glory, burn turf on those cool Ireland evenings. Can’t beat the lamb, duck or fresh catch of the day.

    I love Galway and find it to be one of my favorite cities in Ireland.

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