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Welcome to the exhilarating world of Tango Diva, a place where jetsetters arrive before departing on travel adventures. We’re so glad that you want to hear what we can do for you, although we can’t say that we’re very surprised. Our demographic is a powerful one, influential style mavens and world travelers.

Who is traveling with Tango Diva?

Our reader is always on the lookout for the next “it” place and up-and-coming world trends, that is, if they aren’t creating the buzz themselves. Intelligent, born leaders, our Divas inspire their friends and families with their cutting-edge ideas and exciting lifestyles. They are the women who empower others and lead their peers, and they are definitely the women you want talking about your products and services.

According to Woman Trend, a division of the Polling Company, women who travel alone are on average 34-64 years of age, have a personal annual income of $50,000+ with a household income of $80,00-110,000.

Since women make 80% of all buying decisions when it comes to travel, Tango Diva has become an ideal place for women to get information for planning their next trip. Our readers know they’ll find both great destinations and inspiration.

Tango Diva’s five tickets to success

We’ve developed creative and strategically strong routes to connect with our readers, as well as options to gather demographic and attitudinal data for market research. Click on our Tickets to Success below to discover more.

  • Fortnightly subscription-based newsletters
  • Diva Dreams sponsored contests
  • Targeted-Syndicated content
  • Promotional events
  • Partnerships

Our Manifesto

We’d love to promote your products and services, and we’re uncannily good at it. Know that Tango Diva is all about integrity, honesty, fabulous lifestyles, great ideas, and community. We thrive on relationships that grow, share synergy, and create successful business strategies.

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