It’s happened to everyone: the dreaded weight gain of travel! But what if you could stay in shape, explore, and eat delicious local foods? Luckily, a new trend in tours delivers just that.

Meet Escape to Shape a tour company specializing in combining luxury, fitness, culture, and cuisine. There a several suites open for Cartagena, Columbia from November 7-13, 2010.

An unforgettable week of luxury in a private colonial villa within the ancient city walls, daily Pilates, yoga & boot camp classes, salsa dancing & Spanish language lessons, cultural discoveries, delicious cuisine, relaxation, bonding & beach time in Cartagena. Ideal for solo travelers, friends and couples.

Limited to a maximum of 17 guests, so book soon as there are limited spaces left. Or check out other destinations, such as Bali, Italy, or St. Petersburg!

For info and pricing, check it out here!