You don’t have to attend in person to shop The Renegade Craft Fair. Now in it’s third year, this big time DIY event features hundreds of independent artists. Currently there are fairs throughout the year in Brooklyn, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles & Austin. Having just attended the San Francisco RCF in Fort Mason i was pleased to see a large contingent of Etsy merchants & other independent artists. Every item i found had an online presence, so i’ve done a little shopping for you to show you the variety available. I know, i’m such a martyr.

3 FISH STUDIOS is the love child of Annie Galvin and Eric Rewitzer, who are painters, printmakers, teachers, salon hosts & husband and wife duo extraordinaire.

Take a look at some of these reasonably priced hand made collectables. Check them out during San Francisco Open Studios coming up in October, the next Renegade Art Fair or at numerous on line and brick and mortar sites.
Talk about friendly and accessible, i found this on their website:
Email “”, or call 415-865-0420 to come over and/or make an appointment to visit. Drop-ins are always welcome!
Our address is 610 22nd Street (at 3rd), #304, San Francisco, CA 94107. If you want to visit the studio, enter at 610 22nd Street, and come up to the third floor. We are down the hallway on the right.

Annie & Eric are quite prolific, check back with them often as there’s always a new line of limited edition prints or clever paintings. I mean, $50 for a one of a kind painting? An Obama print edition of 100 for $25 each. Such a deal. There’s no excuse not to start buying original art or add to your collection. After all, especially during trying times we need a little beauty.

Alison Simonian created MISS ALISON, colorful & giftable handmade vinyl accessories. She has truly embraced the notion of reuse in a beautiful way. There are vinyl pouches, purses, belts, checkbook covers, card cases, and if you still can’t decide, gift certificates. Miss Alison gets around. Speciafically: Los Angeles, Occidental, Georgia, Atlanta, Illinois, Chicago, Somerville, Ashville, Philadelphia, Phode Island, Providence, Washington, Seattle, and of course the www. Whew. Miss Alison also gives sewing lessons. You go girl!

FEISTY ELLE takes craft to a higher level with bamboo, felt and a laser cutter. Not only is their jewelry light weight and affordable, but it is beautiful & eco friendly. The filigree leaf designs are amazing. But there’s more, specifically brooches, necklaces, hair clips, and a wonderful wire tree jewelry stand. Their work can be found at several high end shops in San Francisco as well as Massachusetts, New Mexico, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Vermont, Virginia, and on the online world at, Facebook & Twitter. Friend them, follow them, find them and buy from those feisty elles.

TALKING SQUID, OMG, i’m in love with their huggable plush pillows and rugs made of 100% recycled t-shirts. Become a fan of Talking Squid on Facebook and receive $5 off your first purchase of $30 or more. Holding
those plush spheres called pillows should be considered a medical expense. Seriously, the booth at the Renegade Craft Fair could have charged $5 per person per hug. Since it’s not considered cool to be sitting and hugging a luvie bear after puberty, i highly recommend buying one of these beautiful and stylish pillows. Yes indeed, i’ll be buying one. Talking squid’s rugs are so popular they are currently out of stock and sewing each piece to order.

I MADE YOU A BEARD is just plain fun. Really, there is no reason to have a fake beard, then again, there’s never been a better time to own one. And why not. They clearly brought smiles to everyone who walked by the stand. Well, nobody just walked by, they mostly grabbed their cameras and a beard mask for their friends. It’s not just about fake beards, the wonderful world of IMYAB includes stationary, prints, t-shirts and a collection of portable moustaches. Erin Dollar, mad genius behind the self made phenomenon, states in her blog: “I make fake beards. Sometimes I make other things too – prints, drawings, piñatas, and cookies, mostly. I made this web log to keep track of what I’m making, and to share beard-related tidbits… because I like you, and you like beards.” Go on buy a beard, you know you want one.

Check out the world of the Renegade Craft Fair year round on line and at their Chicago store.