I just moved to the city after 8 years in the country. In the past, I spent Friday nights watching Netflix and eating cheese because there was nothing in a 15 mile radius of where we lived. And now, a whole new world has opened up because anything and everything I want is within walking distance, or a short drive 3-4 miles from my front door.

Here are a few things that I did this weekend that I would have never done if I did not live in San Francisco because my commute home was over and hour each way.

1. Gospel Brunch at 1300
1300 is a fabulous, chic restaurant in the Jazz heritage neighborhood of San Francisco. The area is home to Yoshi’s Jazz restaurant and the Jazz Heritage museum. 1300 is smack in the center of the action and the chef cooks up Southern cuisine with a California flare (that means you’ll find frittatas and salads on the menu).

The first Sunday of every month they host a Gospel Brunch with a 3-course prix fixed menu, which included a belini or mimosa. And even if you are not into going to church, there is something so uplifting about Godspel music while drinking champagne. Seetings are at 11 am and 1 pm. You best call to make a reservation – it was packed the day we went.

1300 Fillmore Street at Eddy (there is pulic parking there)

Teresa and Monetta, the owner of 1300 enjoying brunch
Teresa and Monetta, the owner of 1300 enjoying brunch
Shaun and his glass of chamgpange
Shaun and his glass of chamgpange
Sing it girl! Amazing Grace!
Sing it girl! Amazing Grace!

2. Boxcar Theatre
Just off the the corner of 6th Street and Natoma you’ll find a cute little theater that produces audience-interactive plays. The one we went to see was called “Animal Kingdom” and it was about an election taking place in “the Kingdom.” Right before the end of the play, the audience was asked to vote and then you can go online to see who won the election for that performance. They served wine and beer by actors performing their roles. This is a fun way to support local theater and be apart of a live, interactive performance.

Visit Boxcar Theatre at www.boxcartheatre.org

Animal Kingdom plays until November 8th. Their next performance is American Dream with runs form December 4th to 20th.

3. GenArts Fresh Faces in Fashion Show
GenArts host an annual fashion show that showcases up-and-coming designers in the San Francisco area. It is so great to see teh work of new designers, yes, some of the outfits were absolutely ugly – but others were quite impressive. My favorite designs were by the new designer Louisa Parris.

I got a piece made for me by a very new designer who has not yet launched her line – but I promise you she will be a international hit with her work. Her name is Keneuoe, so look out for her!

This year’s fashion designers included:

Christopher Collins
Louisa Parris
Serial Cultura
Sofie Olgaard


Anyi Lu
Helena de Natalio
Joy O Designs
O’Lover Hats

For more information about GenArts go to their website.

4. The Academy of Science
I grew up in San Francisco, so the Academy of Science museum was always a special place for me. But then, in the 90’s it was shut down for renovation. Now, years later, it is open to the public and so much more modern than the last museum. Yes, they still have the weird stuffed animal section, but the new planetarium is not to be missed!

The Academy of Science
Golden Gate Park

So, what did you do this weekend? Besides get ready to VOTE!