Now, I’m all for people getting the coveted surfer body by actually surfing, but the Surf Stronger Surfer’s Workout series is a great gift idea for anyone who is unable to surf due to injury or geographical restrictions (i.e. living inland), or someone who harbors a fear of sharks or cold water (a problem in California). It’s also an awesome core workout for surfers on days when the waves are more over-ankle than overhead.

The Surf Stronger surf-specific workouts featuring pro surfer Serena Brooke aim to increase core strength, stability and endurance, and can be performed anywhere: a hotel room, gym, a living room, office, etc (credit marianne). The programs can even be downloaded to an iPod so it’s the perfect workout for the Diva on the Go! (And aren’t we all at least trying to be That Girl.)

Visit Surf Stronger to see previews of the workouts or to purchase. The gift of health and fitness is in my opinion is the perfect one: it hangs around long after the gift wrap has been recycled.

Surf Stronger belongs to 1% for the Planet and pledges one percent of revenue to the Surfrider Foundation.