There’s a fresh website that’s launched this past week that has the chance to revolutionize the way we are inspired to travel. You’ve probably heard that alot though, with new sites popping up every day. I know I have become wary when I venture away from my TripAdvisor, twitter, or Tumblr, but Everplaces is more than worth a look.

Everplaces is being called the “Pinterest for location,” meaning that similar to the fabulous Pinterest, you can create a personal collection (here’s mine so far) of the amazing places you’ve come across in your travels or the ones you want to try in the future.

You can add new places as well as explore what other users have dubbed as Everplace-worthy.

And of course, there is an easy-to-use iPhone app (Android is soon to come) that makes it easy for on-the-go.

The world is full of too many amazing places, and Everplace is the latest place to find and share them