Did you know that when you are a Tango Diva member that you can find other Divas to connect with around the globe? Yes! We have over 6,700 members around the world. So say you are going to Miami, you can look up all the Divas in that area and then send them a private e-mail via your MY TANGO account. Right now we have 99 members in the Miami area.

What you need to do:

1. Register as a Diva, you can upgrade to First Class Diva for $35 and get over $300 worth of benefits, including an e-copy of my next book Body, Mind, and Solo: The 7 Steps to Suceessful, Soulful solo travel.

2. Upload your pictures and fill out your profile.

3. Search for other members around the world by going to the top button that says "DIVA" scroll down to "FIND DIVAS" then fill in the infomation.

4. A list of members in that area will pop up, then you can review their profiles and find the members who have the same interests as you do. 

5. E-mail the Diva and now you have a new friend!