A million butterflies rose up from South America,
All together, and flew in a gold storm toward Spain…
~Winfield Townley Scott, “Annual Legend”

Resplendent Rarity Dress

’twere it South America or any other magical land, I don’t care so long as this golden butterfly storm lands on my body in Spain this New Year’s Eve.  I can think of no better way to fashionably ring in the new year at Madrid’s Puerta del Sol—swallowing Twelve Grapes whole at the stroke of midnight—than with this dazzling Resplendent Rarity dress available from Modcloth.

I’ve demonstrated my love for Modcloth here and there in the past, but they really have captured my heart with the discovery of this exquisite frock by UK-based Sugarhill Boutique.

For more Holiday Party Looks, take a look at Modcloth’s Holiday Lookbook.

UPDATE: …aaaaand just like that, it sold out on Modcloth. However thanks to some super sleuthing skills, I discovered some Sugarhill Boutique stockists in Spain and London, which conveniently for me, I live in and will be visiting soon, respectively.