The days of lip-synching “singers” is becoming part of the past, with the growth of empowering female artists like Tami Chynn, a new kind of pop princess who emerged from one of the grittiest, male-dominated music scenes there is- Jamaica’s dancehall.

Chynn, a native of Kingston, Jamaica, has just released her first single, “Frozen” (featuring Akon) from her new album coming out this summer entitled PRIMADONNA. “Frozen” reflects Chynn’s roots and influences, ranging from Jamaican artists lke Sean Paul and Lady Saw to Beyonce and Madonna. Chynn’s main focus is making music that inspires girls everywhere and of all ages, and she succeeds in doing this by singing fun, empowering, sexy, and at times sentimental lyrics. Her songs move you in the emotional and physical sense of the word.

Even though PRIMADONNA might be her first official album, Chynn has been deep in the Reggae scene for a long time, with underground hits such as “Hyperventilating,” “Touch Me,” and “I’d Like to Know,” off an independent album. After her hometown success with Reggae, Chynn developed her music to have a more wordly sound that was a better reflection of her experiences and her ability to constantly reinvent herself. PRIMADONNA, according to Chynne, represents Jamaica’s ever-evolving music culture, proving that dance music doesn’t have to sacrifice substance for popularity.

Check out “Frozen” and discover why we think Tami Chynn is on her way to becoming a worldwide sensation.

To view Tami Chynn’s official site, visit http://www.tamichynn.com/