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September 15th, 2006
Vintage oil cloth travel pouches!

Hilside Another discovery at the Appel & Frank Fashon fete! I love these waterproof pouches – made and lined with vintage patterned oilcloth crafted by Hilary Wehlitz of Hillside Bags. They remind me of my aunt Rosie. She wore colorful mumus everyday, and thongs with big plastic daisys at the toes. Trudging home from school we were met at the door by our stern but colorful aunt offering a yellow ceramic bowl of freshly sliced california oranges. But I digress.

These fresh ditty bags come in all sizes and start at $12.oo and up to $36. There is a pattern for everyone. Don’t let my musings about mumus distract you. You can Hilside bagsfind them at selected boutiques around the Bay Area including Body Time, Burton’s Pharmacy, Arch, Emily Lee, National Product and Folio. Hilside Bags by Hilary

Who votes we carry these in the Tango Diva Boutique? 

One thought on “Vintage oil cloth travel pouches!

  1. These are the perfect little bag! They make many sizes just suited to your needs. I could think of endless ways to use them. Busy at work and need a little bag to put some refresher makeup for tonights date? Want an interesting clutch purse that could be the start of many conversations? Fun little bags that are water resisitant (old fashioned oilcloth – you know – just like picnics at Grandma’s house years and years ago. A place for first aid kits, loose change, sewing kits, business cards (ooh, I’ve got ideas already!), feminine products, pens and pencils, safe koosh place for your ipods and blackberries. Oh, the list could go on and on. I say a definite yes for the TD boutique. You know where it would fit really well? Inside one of those Jack George Bags. ;)

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