Felicia Kamriani shares her ZEN tips for travel!

“Although I’ve traveled to more than twenty-five countries, I recently took my first cruise and found myself discombobulated in unfamiliar territory. As with any mode of travel, cruising comes with its own set of challenges and surprises.

Being a jetsetter by choice, I’ve endured most travel bumps including the memorable mid-route Los Angeles to Pakistan mishap when a distracted flight attendant accidentally spilled a tray of beef stroganoff down the front of my white shirt.

From this unforeseen mess sprung a slew of handy travel tips themed, How to be Zen When Traveling. Thus, each subsequent trip offered new opportunities to amend, refine and develop new strategies. Navigating one’s way through a cruise can be easy(er) with a little preparation, a flexible disposition and some Zen-preservation tactics. Otherwise, one runs the risk of doing the worst imaginable thing anyone could ever possibly do on a vacation: complain.”

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