I am sitting at my desk at home, looking out onto the street. I just finished writing a article for Marie Claire magazine and ejoying the MSN coverage we got last week. You can read it here. I laugh when I see that picture they used of me. I was dancing in a parade in Brazil, and when I booked my trip, I thought I would be getting a really sexy outfit, so I stopped eating for weeks and worked out like a mad woman, so I could have the perfect body for a tiny outfit. But when I went to pick up my costume, they handed me a big foam crab and I thought I was going to die. All that hard work was going to be covered by a big, ugly crab. I lost the crap half way through the Sambadrome and did not look back! I just kept samba-ing like Carmen Maranda!

Anyway, back to my original  question. Where are you and what are you doing right now? I bet we will all be surprised by the various answers we get. Be honest and let see who’s where, doing what.