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July 17th, 2006
Where are you now?

I am sitting at my desk at home, looking out onto the street. I just finished writing a article for Marie Claire magazine and ejoying the MSN coverage we got last week. You can read it here. I laugh when I see that picture they used of me. I was dancing in a parade in Brazil, and when I booked my trip, I thought I would be getting a really sexy outfit, so I stopped eating for weeks and worked out like a mad woman, so I could have the perfect body for a tiny outfit. But when I went to pick up my costume, they handed me a big foam crab and I thought I was going to die. All that hard work was going to be covered by a big, ugly crab. I lost the crap half way through the Sambadrome and did not look back! I just kept samba-ing like Carmen Maranda!

Anyway, back to my original  question. Where are you and what are you doing right now? I bet we will all be surprised by the various answers we get. Be honest and let see who’s where, doing what.




3 thoughts on “Where are you now?

  1. I’m sitting in the kitchen making a pot of Jambalaya and wishing that I knew when I would be heading to the UK next!

  2. I’m sitting in my underwear and t-shirt (ala Carrie in Sex in the City typing style) in the upstairs room of my parent’s house with my little man of three years sleeping away in the bed in the room. The fan is buzzing (despite the air conditioner’s attempt to bring the heat from 104 to a non-fried state,) and outside the window – the light from the garage illuminates a redwood that has seen a ton in his lifetime. I’m still in awe at the power of my 10-year old son, who tonight hit a three-run homer in his All Star league!

  3. I’m at home, after nearly three weeks of volunteering and travel in Vietnam. It was an adventure of a lifetime – fun, and beautiful, and crazy, and tough at times. Today I’m going to Marine World USA for a company picnic, which should be quite a bit of culture shock after three weeks in southeast Asia.

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