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September 15th, 2006
Nature inspired artistry

Gretchen Walker jewelryIf there had been a survey of the best jewelry designs at the Appel & Frank fashion fete last nite – I would have voted for Gretchen Walker! Stunning indivudal pieces of art drawn from nature itself. I literally felt like my feet were in nestled in warm sand and my hair crusted lightly with sea salt. Even my eyes felt greener. My skin sun-kissed.

Interesting mental trip from what my eyes and fingers were exploring and lingering over.

Her web site photos cannot do justice to the unique shapes and natural colorings. Look for her at more San Francisco shows thoughout the year.

I should have bought those earrings! 

One thought on “Nature inspired artistry

  1. Hey Patti, thanks for the compliment! Traveling happens to be my most favorite thing. The movement and feeling that anything is possible, that is when i have the best ideas for my work. I like the Tango Diva website! By the way i’ll be in the Heart of Cole festival this Sunday the 24th (Carl and Parnassus) stop by if you get a chance. Gretchen

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