Oh, some of my favorite things in life include: fitting into a pair a jeans that I haven’t wore since college, finding those to-die-for stilettos half price, and my all time favorite…. UNEXPECTED UPGRADES!! Yes, dear readers, you have one happy jet setter sitting in Bangkok right now. Mere minutes before my flight on Thai Airways departed, I was called to the counter and a beautiful, purple piece of paper was haneded to me. This was the ticket that took me from Premier Economy (which I heard is fantastic) to Thai Royal Silk (which is utterly divine!). The experience was just like “the rose ceremony” on The Bachelor. A few travelers standing by, looking on, as I was given the piece of paper that secured me a big, cozy, reclining chair, champagne (served in a real glass) whenever I asked, three delicious meals (yes, served on gorgeous Thai dishes and real flatware!). I squealed and floated to the gate.

As a world traveler, I’ve been around, and flying has always been the enevitable evil I have to contend with if I don’t plan on walking. Not on Thai Airways. Even after 17 hours lounging in my big-ass thrown, watching movies, and eating Thai food, I really didn’t want to get off the plane.

And just when I thought  my life could not get any better. Banyan Tree Bangkok had a Mercedes driver waiting to pick me up. Then, yup, you guessed it, I got to the hotel and learned that I was upgraded to the Club Level. Gosh, I’m thinking I should buy a lottery ticket today!

My room is more than I could ask for! I have a cozy living area with a big desk for my international power writing episodes. Oh and they included yummy fruit basket, a bottle of wine, and my favorite – two different types of body scrubs. On the Club Level, I get a ton of benefits that I did not expect: free breakfast, Club Lounge scoobie snacks all day long, choice of pillow (who knew!), cosmetic bag, and a free 10-minute neck & shoulder rub. I am never leaving.

Ok kids, I am off to get some Thai food (yummm!) after my shoulder rub. Then off to the markets to buy gifts for everyone I love and adore. Wish you were here!