A piece of travel wisdom I learned early on was, “Don’t set your expectations too high,” because if you do, you open yourself up to failure and disappointment. Then, I showed up in Bangkok and since my arrival everything has been more than I could ask for. From $5 massages to $6 silk purses – this place is amazing! The streets are cleaner than San Francisco and the people are kind and patient. Why did I ever believe that this city was filled with trash and strippers? This city is all about spas and shopping!

The hotel that I am staying at, The Banyan Tree, have the most incredible service ever – a shopping guide (and expert haggler) for all their guests. So, on Sunday, with my shopping guide, we tackled the weekend market, where I bought everything from silk pillow cases to shoes. Then we trekked off to the night market. A few handbags, silk skirts, and scarves later, we ate a fantastic Thai dinner in the middle of a beer garden. What a perfect day!!

Last night I had dinner on top of the world at the Banyan Tree’s Vertigo Restaurant. It was spectacular. The views are breathtaking (and a bit freaky at first because you are 60 stories up) and the food is divine. If you are planning a trip to Bangkok, make reservations to Vertigo before you go, because it is always booked. Oh, but if you go solo, just grab a seat at the bar and order a few appetizers.

My stay in Bangkok has been more that I could have asked for, the Thai people are so kind, and the hotel has been perfectly sublime. I am off to Phuket in the morning. I can’t wait!