Every woman likes to accessorize. From the right blouse to the right cell phone cover, we use things to outwardly define our unique personalities. As members of Tango Diva, our style is creative, innovative, and culturally influenced. Thus, there is one master who knows how to accessorize our creative thoughts best: Moleskine.

Sleek, luxurious, and a perfect creative outlet, Moleskine notebooks is where we put pen to paper. Since Hemingway, they were the indestructible item for any traveler, artist, or writer. And with their handy city guide notebooks (reviewed by Tango Diva), they continue to lead the way! Moleskine has now combined with Kindle to produce a cover for both the 6″ and 9.7″ readers.

The Kindle Latest Generation is also perfect for travelers with it’s slender design. The Moleskin cover supports this functionality by providing a notebook alongside your Kindle. Note your surroundings or jot down a great quote or two from your reads.

The features and style of this cover are those of a classic Moleskine notebook: sleek rounded corners, elastic band, and the legendary smooth black cover. A suede lining protects the Kindle, while elastic bands hold it in place. Each cover includes two reporter-style notebooks.

Kindle (6” device) $39.99
Kindle DX (9.7” device) $59.99

Available worldwide on amazon.com

Divas, where is your favorite place to read and/or write? Cafe? Beach? In the middle of the Amazon? Comment below!