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GUEST BlOG from Amy Roseveare:

I’m sure that there are countless people out there who would never travel with jewelry, for fear of being a target for thieves. But me? You should know me well enough by now that I don’t go anywhere without jewelry! (except perhaps the shower…) Granted, I won’t bring my better pieces to certain places, but I will be adorned in some way, shape or form on each and every trip.

Getting your baubles from point A to point B with ease is easier than you might think. The first and MOST important rule is to carry your jewelry with you. Never put it in a checked bag, or you may not have your lovelies with you when you land. There are many products made for travel which are really quite convenient. I recently got this one made by Cathayana for a client in a local travel shop. (This is another cool version that you can hang as well.)

Jewelry travel roll

It has a good amount of storage space in various sizes, and I like how the sheer pockets allow you to see what you’ve got with you, as well as adding a nice layer of protective fabric for when it’s rolled closed.

travel bag-inside

A peek at what’s inside

The one thing that organizers like this often don’t have room for are the larger bangles or over-sized necklaces. For these, I usually tuck them into a small clutch or evening bag. It’s something I would bring on the trip anyway, so why not use it for a dual purpose? Here’s what I often use:

Small bag I use to carry bangles & over-sized necklaces

A final concern are those long, thin necklaces that invariably get tangled no matter what you do. I’ve got the solution for you! First, take a piece of paper towel that’s about the same length as your necklace. Lay your necklace down near one edge of the paper towel.

Next step…lay your necklace on the paper towel

Next, carefully roll the necklace up in the towel.

Finally, fold up this roll and put it into a baggie for tangle-free travel.

I hope you find these hints helpful. Enjoy your next trip while looking fabulously accessorized!

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