For design-conscious travelers with a flair for adventure, we have a special treat that is treehouse chic. Tree Hotel sits above the ground in the trees of the remote northern village of Harads, Sweden and offers up a true one-of-a-kind experience. Guests can stay in six uniquely designed rooms all nestled up in the pine trees.

The inspiration behind Tree Hotel came from the documentary “Trädälskaren” (Treelover) by Jonas Selberg Augustsen, a philosophical film about what the tree means to humans both culturally and historically.

There’s an admiral focus on being green out of respect for the environment that is their very foundation.

“It is important that we find another way to value the forest, rather than to cut the trees for industrial use. This Boreal forest is one of the Earth’s lungs. We need to look after it,” states their website.


There’s The Bird’s Nest which appears to be just that, a nest. Inside it’s decked out in a high-standard, modern style. The best part: to enter this room, you use a retractable staircase.


The Blue Cone is a twist on the traditional cabin in the woods. Only thing is, it’s in a tree. It’s a modern, simple design made with lightweight materials and features stunning views.

The Cabin looks like something straight out of the future. This room has a spacious deck which the room is actually suspended from.


The Mirrorcube is a lightweight aluminum structure created out of mirrors, blending it in with the environment. It features 360 degree views.


 The UFO looks just like it sounds. Decorated with the theme it floats in the trees and looks eerily real.


A Room With A View has three levels, all with stunning views. There’s a private terrace, an elevated bedroom and living space.