“I’m sorry, I did not recognize you with your clothes on.”

How many times can you use that line? Well, I got to use it while I was at the ABC studios in San Francisco when our MAN Gilles Marini was hanging out in the green room for his segment on View From the Bay. He was there with his Dancing With the Stars partner Cheryl.

Besides his deliciously perfect body, what I found so remarkable about Gilles was his smile and incredible kindness. I’ve met many celebrities in my life, remember last week I was chilling with the boys at Regis and Kelly, and none has been so debonair and charming as Mr. Marini. His deep rich eyes are hypnotizing, especially when he starts talking in that dreamy French voice of his. Yum.

And, to push his perfection – he is a committed family man and absolutely loves his wife and family. Ahhhh.

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