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November 29th, 2011
Brooklyn: The Makers Project


The Makers photo project by Jennifer Causey is a must-follow. Causey lives in Brooklyn, New York and attributes the neighborhood’s energy and creative spirit as inspiration for The Makers, which documents people who create artisan-produced products and embrace a more tactile way of living. “As the project evolves, so does the adventure and pleasure of documenting the people behind the products: to learn what inspires them, what keeps them going, and their thoughts on the city where they live and work,” says Causey. It’s a fascinating study of what makes Brooklyn such an inspiring place to call home.

Photos courtesy of The Makers Project and photographer Jennifer Causey.

One thought on “Brooklyn: The Makers Project

  1. Brooklyn is where I met the talented artist/author Sabrina Ward Harrison for the first time on a project with Gelly Rolls from Sakura

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