I have just read my book review in the Chicago Tribune. I have to remember that this is someone’s opinion, and they have a right to whatever they want to say – as long as what is said is true. What June Sawyers says is her opinion, until the part where she rips my book with this line: “My favorite howler, though, is when she writes of Edinburgh that "most locals speak English, as well as the bizarrely charming Gaelic . . . ", which would be news to Edinburghers, who live in Scotland; Gaelic is the indigenous language of Ireland. She even recommends that you bone up on a few Gaelic phrases before visiting the Scottish capital.”

Well, June, before you rip my Edinburgh chapter apart – you might want to do a bit of research yourself, lassie.

Is comhachd i an eòlas” – that’s “Knowledge is Power" in Scottish Gaelic.

Definition of Scottish Gaelic on Wikipedia

The Official Gaelic Scotland Website

Then she tells her readers that I have spelled Irvine Welsh’s name wrong, which I did not do – she spelled it wrong in her review! Call me crazy, but shouldn’t she have done a bit of research before accusing  me of not doing mine?

What is so amazing is she lost the whole point of the book! The book is about empowering women to explore the world alone and to gain a better understanding of the big wide world we live in. 

Maybe she needs a vacation.