Autumn’s beautiful and changing landscapes always remind me that color can be truly captivating. We can take inspiration from Mother Nature when looking in the mirror for our daily beauty ritual. The long summer days and sunshine may be gone, but a sun-kissed natural glow can live on. I discovered that a bronzer can provide just the right touch to brighten a dull washed-out complexion and accentuate favorite facial features.

Success is as simple as the buying the right product and understanding application.

As a fair-skinned maiden, I have steered clear of self tanning products and bronzers. The products I dared to try in the past were disasters leaving me looking like someone who forgot the sunscreen or failed to use a mirror. Dreaded end result: a chalky caked look with streaks.

I was more a Bronzilla than a Bronzed Babe.

The beauty industry thankfully has made some significant advancements.

Mineral Fusion, a company with a conscience, is among those at the forefront.

Mineral Fusion is committed to offering products that not only make you look good…but are good for you.

Mineral Fusion’s bronzer-blush duo, Blonzer, provides a dramatically different color enhancement experience. The Blonzer, a combo compact featuring a lighter shade of pale pink blush and a warm apricot bronzer, allows for a softer more artisan approach to bronzing. With a little guidance from a beauty counter makeup artist, I was well on my way to looking radiant and refreshed. A light sweeping stroke of the brush was all it took to erase years off my face. I focused on blending both colors with a strategic dusting around the temples, outer cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. I added a bit more of the pink on my cheeks for a finishing touch – a rose petal glow.



Experiment with a blend of both colors, as I did. Or, use the bronzer for contouring only.

This dynamic duo delivers results.

The Blonzer’s secret weapon is a silky rich mineral based formula with aloe vera and vitamins that works to fight free radicals and protects the skin from UV damage.

It is gentle yet generous in coverage. You can go light or layer for darker, deeper contrast.

Captivating color to complement your skin in every season …keeping you looking healthy and beautiful all year long.

Pomegranate, Red Tea, White Tea plus Vitamins C and E defend against free radical damage and give skin a healthy radiance.

Formula Purity
Gluten Free – Cruelty Free – Paraben Free – Artificial Color Free – Fragrance Free  – Talc Free -Hypo-allergenic – Phthalate Free

Suggested Retail: $29.99

Available online at the official Mineral Fusion website or at a Whole Foods Market near you.