Wow! I’ve got some great information for the book in the past 48 hours! It’s amazing when you have friends of friends, who know friends who have know all the secrets of a city. Today I spent the morning with the wonderful Jennifer from Germany, then I went on a Paris walking tour with Antoinette Azzurro who does private, specialized tours of Paris for the discerning Diva. She’s a must when you come to town!

The afternoon was spent in a charming café, across the river from Notre Dame, drinking hot chocolate, followed by Champagne. For dinner, Jennifer and I dined at a delicious Moraccan restaurant and ended our evening with comforting, hot mint tea.

I’m meeting Jen in the morning and we’re going to a Turkish bath house for a massage, then she returns home and I fly off to Berlin.

Is this trip crazy, or what? I’m having a great time and meeting the most delightful people. Please feel free to send me an e-mail, I’d love to hear from you!