I’m off to Paris now! My time is Brussels was lovely and I look forward to coming back again. The people here are so friendly!

I’d be lying if I didn’t t tell you that this is a pretty exhausting trip. I’m here, in Europe, to do research for my book and I’m a rigorous schedule. The hardest part for me is unpacking and packing up every few days. I’m the kind of traveler who likes to hang my clothes, put my other clothes neatly folded in drawers, and hide my suitcase until I have to pack it back up. On this trip, I keep it packed and reach down and grab something clean to wear.

At my place in London, I had a washer/dryer in the kitchen, so I was able to wash my clothes. I only brought 4 pairs of pants for 16 days and a various, but small collection of shirts and sweaters. It seems like everyone smokes in Europe, so all my clothes stink. I have to wash them if I don’t want to smell  like a bar (are a café, or restaurants, or any other public place!).

I’ll be taking Eurostar to Paris, it’s a 2 hour train ride. Tonight I’m meeting up with a Diva from Munich – oh you know her, she has contributed to Tango Diva. Her story is: Graz, Austria: I’ll Be Back.

This is what I want Tango Diva to truly be, a website where women can connect and meet up around the world. It’s always nice to have a local tour guide, who’s a woman and a member of Tango Diva. Meeting up with Tango Diva members around the world really makes travel so much nicer. Okay kids, I have a train to catch! See you in Paris.