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The sun is shining and our toes are showing! In honor of my style article on this season’s hottest sandals, Birkenstock has teamed up with Tango Diva to bring you our latest giveaway: a pair of FREE Birkenstock Madrid sandals.

Named after my very favorite city, the Madrid is as comfortable as it is stylish. Madrid, Spain is a city known to be both walker-friendly and highly fashionable, so these sandals will carry me from sightseeing in El Centro to tapas-hopping in trendy La Latina with ease.

Now it’s your turn! Respond to this blog post:tell me in 100 words or less, how your favorite destination city would be represented by a Birkenstock sandal. We’ll choose the most creative submission and the winner will receive a complimentary pair of Madrid sandals from Birkenstock .

Deadline: June 1, 2009

Winner will be notified by June 5th! Be creative!

33 thoughts on “Tango Diva Giveaway: Free Birkenstock Sandals!

  1. I want to win :)

    My Birkenstock sandal would be named Santa Barbara! My nearly naked style would go easily from all day in the hot sand at East Beach to sidling up for cold drinks at Brophy Bros bar at five, and and easy walk then up State Street to find a sultry, candle lit patio dinner. Snap!


    Named after my hometown, Detroit, my Birkenstock sandal would be stylish, sleek, sexy, yet unique just like my city. I can pair it with a sun dress and hit the Riverwalk, just as easily as I can use them to compliment the capris and tank top outfit that says “MOTOWN!” while I dine on the Detroit Princess. Who said fabulous shoes are only made for walking!

  3. San Diego sounds like it would hit the spot. It has wonderfully temparate weather year round, it’s on the Pacific Coast, and has a wonderful range of food, beer, and wine!

    This would be a relaxed urban sandal with enough style to last get you through the city, but comfortable enough to be Californa-y without being too ostenatious. It would be perfect to wear while tasting at Lost Coast brewery yet funky enough to traverse the North and South Park districts. Most of all, with the classic Birkenstock feel and comfort, you can wear them all day!

  4. Jamiaca’s Ochos Rios is my destination city of choice to sport these sexy while still earthy slides while I dance to the jammin’ sounds of reggae or steel drums with my hubby man(we got married on the beach here New Years Eve 2008)! I could never could pass up the chance to wear the purple pair with a flower in my hair and glass of Appleton rum in my hand while we watch the sunset create the most awe-inspiring night time sky perfect for a walk on the beach in my new Birk’s!

  5. Venice would be the ideal spot. It’s lite, carefree, full of life and casual yet can be dressy. Strolling along the broadwalk or riding a gondola….. museums, stret vendors, boats and EATS!!!! you can go anywhere with these cool sandals!

  6. I would love to win! Birkenstock are my sandals. The are great looking and comfortable, like walking bare foot. Walking in them are like walking in sand with my husband.

  7. I’d love to win.
    My city would be Quepos. A sleepy little beach town in Costa Rica at the edge of a heavenly national park named Manuel Antonio. The perfect shoe to take you down that short dusty trail past monkeys and iguanas to a beautiful palm tree lined surf break. This shoe is still sexy enough to take you out for a night of dancing and mojitos under a sky filled with more stars than you’ve seen in a long time and kick off easily for a midnight swim or whatever….

  8. I am so excited that you are having a giveaway for these Birkenstocks!! I absolutely love, love, love these sandals and have been wanting a pair for so long.
    I need a great pair of sandals that not only look cute, but helpmy feet to help my back.
    Due to losing my job :( I was unable to get my beloved pair.
    I hope really hope to win!! Fingers crossed. :)
    Thank you so much!!


  9. Roma! Last summer I walked around Rome during Ferie Agosto (August Holiday – the Italian equivalent of Labor Day weekend) wearing cute flat sandals. By the end of the day walking the Forum, the Pantheon and at night seeing the Lunar Eclipse above the Trevi Fountain – my feet were toast. If instead I had worn a pair of “Roma’s” I would have been in good shape. My Roma’s would have leather lattice work (criss-crossed woven pieces for the strap) in Cream (also be available in Red, White and Green (the Italian Flag colors). On the end of each strap would be a little rhinestone or charm because the Italians love a little flash in their decoration.
    “The Roma” would be the next-gen Birkenstock Italian style!

  10. Nerja in Andalucia, Southern Spain. A shoe to let your feet enjoy the beautiful ocean, fabulous tapas, friends and family.

  11. Put on your “Deadwood” Birkenstocks and walk down the cobblestone streets of this historic gold rush town located in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. As you stroll in and out of the restored casinos you know there was no gamble in picking these comfortable and attractive sandals. Finish your stroll with a visit to the infamous Mt. Moriah Cemetery – which inters the ultimate outdoor girl, Calamity Jane – you just know she would have appreciated the Wild West appeal of the “Deadwood”!

  12. Sydney, Australia: you can walk the Sydney Harbour Bridge (unfortunately, you must wear closed-toe shoes), but why use the bridge as inspiration, with stylish criss-crossing leather vamp, exposing toes to the hot summer weather in November, where you can stroll the sands of Bondi Beach, and stroll to the elegant Sydney Opera House without ever having to change your footwear!

  13. My sandal would be called Big Sur. Sturdy enough to wander through the Redwoods at Julia Pfeiffer State Park until I slip them off at the edge of a blue stream to wade and wonder at the towering trees. Back at my campsite the Birks sit prettily at the side of my yoga mat as I go through the asanas. The day ends at Nepenthe on the cliffs with a glass of central coast pinot and my sandaled feet propped on the railing; a fitting frame for a Big Sur sunset.

  14. Anna Maria!

    My Birkenstock sandal would be called “Anna Maria” after lovely, lazy, sunny and hot Anna Maria Island, Florida. I would wear these sandals to the northern tip of the 7-mile long island for a long, lazy day of sunbathing at Bean Point. I can see Tampa Bay and the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, but no one can see me walking and sunbathing behind the soft, powdery white sand dunes. When it’s time for a drink, those Anna Maria Birks will take me straight to the southern part of the island for a little barhopping, oysters and burgers on Bridge Street. My Anna Maria Birks will really stand out with a little white sand around my perfectly manicured toes! Oh, fantasy! Please become reality!

  15. My beautifully manicured toes would love to sun themselves through the tips of my Scotty Berks. My wonderful sandals would provide the comfort my feet require while walking through Old Town Scottsdale enjoying the sights of the new “hip” area, perhaps stopping in one of the great art galleries or specialty shops before enjoying some refreshments at one of Scottsdale’s great restaurants. My Scotty Berks would then carry me back to one of the refurbished downtown resorts before I retired with dreams of my visit to the charm of earlier western days in Scottsdale,.

  16. I confess, that I have two pairs of Madrids. One black. One Silver. They are my favorite shoes and I walk the streets of Paris wearing them. Paris is a walking city, Madrids are walking shoes. Paris is chic, so are my Madrids. At least as chic as a birkenstock can be!

  17. Follow me, birkies, to Lake Titicaca, Bolivia. An exciting and unpredictable adventure awaits us as we adventure travel into the unknown. One fact we can count on…our feeties will be oh-so-happy in our Travel Titicaca Birks! No worries there, gals. Let’s go. Who will join me?

  18. My Birkenstocks would represent Athens, Greece, the birthplace of the Olympics. The sandals would feature the Olympic rings and small flags of different countries. They would have a strong sole for walking in the ruins of Greece and be comfortable for relaxing on the sandy beaches. The Birkenstocks would show off my relaxed style and be great for all my travels.

  19. Gilli Tarwangan, an Island off the coast of Bali would be where I would sport my Birkenstocks–from the warm waters of the clearest blue ocean to the weathered, wood floors of my humble beach shack, my birks would take me all over this sleepy, beach town. I’d wander to beach-side bars with the sound of steel drums drifting slowly in the distance and the taste of fresh coconut water still lingering in my mouth. Happy locals would smile as they meander by and I would smile back wearing a flowy sundress, my hair a wavy mess with salt rippling through it’s strands and my feet perfecty happy in my Birkenstocks that have slowly molded to my feet to form the perfect union of sole and shoe.

  20. My Milan Birkenstocks were the last thing into my suitcase because I knew they’d be the first thing I’d put on when I arrived at Cinque Terre, the gorgeous string of tiny Italian cities clinging to the cliffs above the Adriatic. When I arrived, I dressed for the warm beach in shorts, tank top and these cool sandals, and stepped from my hotel door onto the strand; and then onto the beach. I slipped the Birkenstocks off to dip my toes into the water, and a darkly handsome man approached me, arms outstretched. “Bellissima,” he said. I understood and smiled.

  21. My Moab Birk is a cross between a work of art and a shoe you’ll never lose, because no matter where your travels take you, the simple beauty of this shoe will stick to your footprint forever.

  22. The “Chengdu” Birkenstock takes your feet on a perfect pilgrimage through the amazing water park located in this Southwestern China town. You can slip the Chengdu on and off your feet as move from chocolate to ginseng to green tea to banana dipping pools, relaxing from an all-day hike up the nearby 10,000-foot Mt. Emei… a pilgrimage of a different kind. Set yourself free with the Chengdu.

  23. Named after my favorite destination, Saint Tropez is a combination of exquisite, chic and cozy. Its beautiful and charming splendor, just as in Saint Tropez, France; these exclusive birkenstock can take you from having a delightful time in the meditarrenean sea under the sun to strolling the streets of this picturesque village. You will be a la mode au naturel, the French Riviera has met its match…

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