The recent headlines make you think twice when leaving home for early morning run or a shopping errand.

We naively think we are safe.

I am always touting my street smarts having grown up in inner city Baltimore as do my good friends from big city New York. We tell ourselves that we are too aware and too quick on our feet to be a victim.

But the story of the Queens woman attacked and slain while jogging this summer was a wake-up call for me. Karina Vetrano was young, fit and in better physical shape than I will ever be. And, as the daughter of a firefighter, she too was street savvy.

No matter how strong and smart you may be… there is always someone stronger and smarter.

What would you do if you were attacked? Would you have time to reach for your phone or whistle… or mace spray?

The difference between life and death could be a matter of seconds.

Your ability to survive is literally in your own hands.

This is where a specialty safety product can give you a powerful advantage.

TigerLady is a self-defense device created for women.

TigerLady’s unique portable hand-held design was inspired by the natural defense of a cat’s retractable claws. No training is required. TigerLady is easy to use. It works in two ways. First off, the device provides inner strength and confidence as you grip it in your hand. You are constantly reminded to stay alert and on guard. Second, the protractile claw enhances your ability to fight back by scratching your assailant.

The element of surprise is also on your side. TigerLady, like a glove, blends with the body.

It is only when you flex and firm your fist that the 3 claws release between your knuckles.

Note: Your first test run can be a bit intimidating. I am always overly-cautious which makes me overly-anxious. For those like me, take care when using to avoid any accidents. Remember, the claws are sharp. Always store the device in a safe place.

The TigerLady keeps working to keep you and others safe long after the attack. The claws have hollow channels that collect skin for DNA testing. The results have helped authorities to make a positive ID in many sexual assault cases.

TigerLady is the perfect safety accessory for work or play.

This holiday season, skip the candy and perfume and give the gift of safety. Your loved ones will thank you.

Retail: $29.99

For more information, visit the TigerLady retail website.