We are an equal opportunity online magazine looking for travel and travel-related writing. Did a ten-day solo trek in Nepal change your life? Did you try surfing for the first time in Bali? Do you have a favorite little restaurant in Paris that no one knows about? Did thieves make off with your fanny pack in Marrakech, and did you have to steal a camel in order to get to your embassy?

Dearest Writers,

You are the heart of Tango Diva! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us.

We want to publish your stories, and we want you to encourage your friends and family to share their stories. And we especially want to hear from women who have traveled solo and thrived to tell about it.

Our content runs the gamut from Style, Wellness, Inspiration and Culture to entertaining Reviews of destinations and travel services. Spend an evening with a bottle of Bordeaux perusing our site and familiarizing yourself with our style, content and attitude. By the time you get through our in-depth travel coverage, your bungalow might be spinning, but you’ll definitely understand what we think being a Tango Diva is all about.

Don’t Be Shy!

Whether this is your first submission or you’re a senior editor at Vanity Fair, we welcome you. We do reserve the right to allow moi to touch up your work and render it more in line with the overall voice and tone of our website. We love sassy personal narratives. Spicy? No problem. We’re happy to hear about an Alpine ski trip where you spent more time with your ski instructor on a bearskin rug than on the slopes. Critical? Bring it on! It’s important for your fellow Divas to know that chickens do abound on a certain country’s airline.

You, the Ultimate Insider

Also consider your local knowledge about the place you live or have lived, because one woman’s home is another woman’s exotic destination. Consider, too, your network. Does your best friend hand-embroider purses and sell them online? Is your mother famous for her paella recipe? Your knowledge is the backbone of Tango Diva, and not even the hottest travel writer is hip to your insider’s story.

Edit, Edit, Edit

We like for you to feel that your piece is on its final draft, not its first. Run your piece by friends or family before you submit it. And because we are an online entity, just remember that less is more—brevity is definitely the soul of online content.

*We are looking for a 500 – 1500 WORD COUNT.

Published Pieces Require Digital Images!

If we select your piece, we will ask you for accompanying digital images. We want to see how hot your Roman tour guide was, or how fabulous you looked on safari in Kenya.

*Images need to be jpegs no bigger than 300k. Please please please do not insert images into your Word document and attach them thus. My web designer will reject them.

Membership Has Its Privileges

We are proud to be an online community, and to that end we insist that all of our writers be a part of it. You must be a registered member of Tango Diva to continue to write for us. It’s easy! Sign up today, fill out your profile complete with photos, and begin to connect with women around the world. Welcome to the Divadom!

Tango Diva Checklist for Writers:

1. Submit a final draft piece of 500 – 1500 words.

2. If we select your piece, we will contact you for companion images. Please have them ready. We do not publish stories without images.

3. Include a sassy photo of yourself!

4. Include brief biographical information about yourself.

5. You should really be a registered Diva and member of our community. Please set the standard by completing your profile, uploading fab photos and telling the world all about your trips! Become part of an exciting, dynamic community of women.

6. Include contact information for the places you mention. If you tell me about a great restaurant in Delhi, make sure you furnish an address and website. We are a source of information above all, so if I can’t send our Divas there, we don’t want to hear about it.

Email Us Your Exciting Travel Stories Today!

Email your stories to us. Put SUBMISSIONS in the subject heading of your email.

Be Patient. You may not see your article live on our site for a week or a month. We might be saving it for an upcoming special thematic issue, such as a Fashion Issue, Shopping Issue, etc. Of course we haven’t forgotten you. Try to hang in there. We will not answer questions on an individual basis regarding the status of your article, so don’t ask.

Earn A Press Pass: Once you have FIVE published stories on Tango Diva, we will offer you a press pass for press tours and FAM (familiarity—that’s travel writing lingo) trips. This press pass is a badge of honor that tells the world that you are a Tango Diva representative. We take this very seriously and reserve the right to revoke it if we find that our honor has been compromised in any way. For the love of Divas please behave out there when under our banner of fabulousness, sophistication and politeness!!

Syndication Policy: Get ready for syndication! Tango Diva reserves the right to re-publish your piece with any and all of our partners.

Tango Diva looks forward to hearing from you. Our world is your world, and we want your world to be a part of ours. Viva the writers of Tango Diva!

Tango Diva 2013 Editorial Calendar!

Articles that fall under these topics will be given first priority for front page and newsletter featuring.

January: Health, Wellness, Beauty, Spas, Body-Mind-Soul

February: Be your own Valentine! Do what you LOVE. Go where you LOVE.

March: International Women’s Day, Inspiration, Visionary Women, Philanthropic Travel

April: Mommies and Kids, Mom’s Going Solo, Family-Friendly Getaways

May: Party Places, Hot Spots for Singles, Top Jet Set Destinations, Best Beaches

June: The Great Outdoors: Adventure Travel, Sports, Wild Vacations, Eco-Travel

July: Annual MAN Issue- 50 Fascinating Men Worldwide

August: Young At Heart Month: Travel for the 55 and Over Set

September: Fashion, Style, Designers, Trends

October: Food, Wine, International Cuisine, Chefs, Vineyards, Restaurants, Cocktails

November: The Arts: Museums, Artists, Theater, Opera, Symphony, Dance

December: Holiday Shopping, Gift Guide, Give Good

Style Notes!!

When submitting to Tango Diva, please keep the following style guidelines in mind.

1. Article titles should be formatted with the country name, a colon, and then your brief yet witty piece title, as in, Italy: Visiting My Love Child with Richard Gere. Not, “Italy: Visiting the Love Child I had with Richard Gere, Who is Like So Totally Hot and Stuff and So How Could I Not, You Know?”

2. Articles should have ONE SPACE between a period and the next sentence. Not two. Like this.

3. Articles should not use excessive quotation marks or capitalizations.

4. Please use a two comma list, not a three comma list, as in, “I love milk, orange juice and coffee.”

5. Please become good friends with the M-dash, as in, “Woa—you almost killed me!” Not, “Woa – you almost killed me!” nor “Woa — you almost killed me!” nor even “Woa– you almost killed me!”

6. Do distinguish between your palettes and palates, its and it’s, etc. If I had a euro for…